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you deserve our best

Our commitment to continuous learning and leadership in biological dentistry means we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We use the least toxic materials available, we provide a clean, relaxing environment, and we greet you with a smile every time.

it starts with "why"

While traditional dentistry treats the symptom, we believe in taking a step back and first finding the “why” behind the “what”. In doing so, we are better able to provide long-term, life-changing solutions that address the core issues, leading to a lifetime of wellness.

Personal, Collaborative Care

Every smile is unique, just like you. Here, you’ll find a truly personalized dental experience, guided by your comfort, lifestyle, and goals. It’s what allows us to work more collaboratively with you and provide safe, innovative treatments for your long-term health.

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naturally beautiful smiles

We think holistic dentistry is beautiful, and we take an artistic approach to forming your naturally beautiful smile. Using modern technology and quality, sustainable materials and techniques, we deliver precise, safer dental care that mimics your teeth’s natural beauty.

community matters

We live here. We love it here. We’re driven by a desire to make a lasting difference in our community. We have established a partnership with LoopNOLA whose mission is to provide positive, life-changing outdoor experiences for children and youth in Greater New Orleans. When Dr. Blackwell was in high school, this organization made a big impact on her life. Her experiences with LoopNOLA inspired her to become an Environmental Science major and study how to minimize toxins in the land, water, and air. Now her mission is to minimize toxins the dentistry. We support LoopNOLA with every new patient that we see!

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“The team at enlightenDENTAL are some of the kindest and welcoming people I have met. Dr. Blackwell makes sure to get to know you and your wellness goals. And takes the time to explain what the visit / experience will be like and how it's focused on whole body wellness from the mouth, the top down approach. Truly a one of a kind experience. Through the thorough visit/exam she was able to explain to me why  I was having certain issues that stem back from childhood. No other dentist had shared with me. All I can say is, WOW. Thank you so much.”

-Nnenna M.

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