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We love our patients, and love supporting them on their journey to achieving optimal oral-health and whole-body wellness. Take a look at what our patients say about us, and maybe leave us a review and tell us about your experience at enlightenDENTAL!

Patient reviews

"This is the first time I have ever been to a dentist who didn’t patronize me, who listened, who took great consideration into my overall health and my mental state! Who doesn’t get nervous at the dentist? The staff is not just front of house - they are knowledgeable and kind, and very professional. The space is warm and inviting, to the point where I didn’t want to leave. I left feeling confident - not terrified - with a new dental health plan, scheduled appointments, and knowledge! I can’t wait to speak with Dr. Jimani again! She’s a gem! A tooth gem!"

-Jennifer M.

“Best dental experience I’ve ever had! Super thorough, holistically minded, treats the whole person not just the teeth. I will be recommending this practice to everyone.”

-Alyson C.

“Dr. Blackwell and her team were welcoming, knowledgeable and very intentional. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and received plenty of great information about dental health and general wellbeing during pregnancy. I highly recommend enlightenDental to anyone looking for a holistic approach to dentistry.”

-Andrea R.

“This was the first time I had been to the dentist in over 10 years. They were so incredibly helpful and kind and took their time to make sure I was comfortable and happy the entire time.Dr. Jimani was so detailed and thorough with everything she did and taught me so much about my health that I needed to know. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. I consider myself lucky to have ever found a biological dentist like her. It’s a gift to have been seen by them and I cannot wait to go back and learn more.”

-Samantha H.

“Thanks a million Dr. Jimani! I am so glad I came to Dr. Blackwell for a second opinion on a root canal I was scheduled for elsewhere . Had I not done so, I would have a dead tooth in my mouth right now. But, Dr. Blackwell’s holistic and biological expertise and experience saved my tooth and it is still alive and kicking today.It was a wonderful and clean experience with the holistic atmosphere, latest up to date biological and holistic methods, and very kind and knowledgeable staff (Catherine). I felt so comfortable and relaxed the entire time and learned so much that I am very grateful this level of dental care exists in my area. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again!”

-Martin S.

“Love, love, love Dr. Blackwell and her passion for holistic health! I'm so grateful that she opened up her practice her in New Orleans!! I appreciate her whole body approach to dental health. If you're looking for a natural dentist, she's your Dr.!”

-Charlene B.

“Very personable staff...very organized...airy and comfortable environment....when I walked in for the first time...they knew exactly who I was...no over booking and waiting....extremely thorough exam...I was more than satisfied with my experience...will definitely visit again...already booked 2 more future appointments.”

-Tara A.

“I was beyond excited to attend my consultation with Dr. Blackwell and am ecstatic I made the decision to do so. This was my first foray into functional dentistry. Dr. Blackwell answered every question I tossed at her regarding the oral microbiome, non-toxic products, tongue posture, brush/floss habits, diet and the importance of the airway to my overall health. She was patient, personable, and knowledgeable throughout the entire visit. Between the cleanliness of the facility, & Dr. B's overall understanding of the complete oral cavity & its effect on the entire body, I cannot recommend enlightenDENTAL enough.”

-Jordan M.

“Each person in the office displayed professionalism but at the same time conveyed warmth and a genuine desire to help me solve my dental problems. I was allowed to see my x-rays and the doctor took great care, and with much patience showed me all my problem areas. I saw my regular dentist just two months ago, but Dr. Blackwell discovered I had three more cavities than my regular dentist found. One of the cavities had an infection involving the area below my tooth. When Dr. Blackwell pointed it out on the x-ray it was obvious! Why didn't my regular dentist know this? I live in Shreveport but will be definitely making the 5 1/2 hour drive to see her.”

-Pam T.

“The entire staff was welcoming! I learned a lot while there about oral health in connection to your body/ overall health! Dr. Blackwell is thorough at explaining everything! This was honestly the best dental experience i’ve ever experienced! I’m ready to continue with my treatment plan!”

-Kenisha T.

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